Bluesign Technologies, the Swiss standard for an eco-friendly and socially fair supply chain, reports that more companies have agreed to undergo the Bluesign screening of their production facilities. Shang Hai Boyang Imitation Silk Wadding Company of China manufactures polyester paddings. Designer Textiles International of New Zealand is a high-end mill specializing in the processing of fine Merino wool. Kwon Lung Enterprise Company of Taiwan concentrates on the processing of quality feathers and downs. Comony Enterprise Company of the same country is a supplier of textiles for brands such as The North Face, Vans and Nike. A similar deal has been signed by ACG Accent, a Norwegian company focusing on textile labeling, for its manufacturing facilities in Sweden and Hong Kong. Cotec-EPO International of Taiwan is a supplier of PVC-free coatings for bags and backpacks.