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Affordable industry intelligence, that helps you and your team to stay updated and to take better business decisions in fast changing market environment.

  • Industry analysis, insights and data you won’t find anywhere anywhere else
  • Save time and money We scan corporate, market and trend information from +200 sources.
  • Benefit from a well-informed team and quicker decision times

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799€   1,374€/year

Best value, 3 users

Included in Core Team Subscription

  • Introductory 50% discount
  • Includes everything from the individual subscription for up to three users
  • Benefit from a well-informed team and quicker decision times
  • Content sharing with 3 users
  • Dedicated account management


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Included in Company-wide Subscription

  • All benefits of the team subscription
  • Organisation-wide access
  • Unlimited access across all offices, people and devices
  • Content sharing within the wider organization
  • Volume discount
  • Dedicated account management

What do you get with a company-wide membership?

In today's fast changing market environment it is more important than ever for your organization to be updated about the market, trends, competitors and customers – Outdoor Industry Compass provides you and your collaborators with the insights and analysis to make better-informed decisions.

Content sharing with colleagues

Enable your teams to legally share content within the organisation so everyone has the information they need.

Customised information

Maximize the content relevancy to your business with customized news, analysis and reports tailored to needs of your organization (for further information please get in touch). Add value to your intranet with customized RSS feed of information relevant to your organisation.

Co-branded homepage

Enjoy greater buy-in to the content and increase usage by providing a co-branded home page including your company name and a company-specific welcome message.

Domain-based user authentication

Unrestricted access with your company’s domain name reduce the time spend on administration and control spend with one central account.

Maximise your value

Instead of having multiple individual members, benefit from an economy of scale by arranging a preferential rate across your business.

Usage reporting

Gain a better understanding of what your team find useful and informative with regular usage information.


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