Starting with summer 2012, Salewa's ski-touring brand Dynafit will offer a summer collection. According to Heiner Oberrauch, the brand's owner, the line targets those customers who enjoy Dynafit in winter and want to take advantage of the brand during their summer activities as well.

Dynafit's new approach is focused on alpine running and biking. Therefore, Dynafit is set to market apparel and equipment to those ski-touring enthusiasts whose preferred activities during summer time are also speed-oriented sports such as speed hiking and mountain biking.

Oberrauch does not see any conflits between Dynafit's new offer and the regular summer collections of Salewa. While Salewa targets traditional mountaineering people and a wider group of consumers, Dynafit is designed for velocity-driven consumers who go to the core stores where they usually drop by to purchase their Dynafit winter gear.