Hohenstein, a German provider of textile testing and a founding member of Oeko-Tex, has joined forces with digital pioneer Presize to offer an all-around service that ranges from size chart creation to digital scaling for automated size recommendations in online stores. The combination of classic size charts, reliable fit and digital body measurement with a smartphone is expected to reduce online return rates, improve sustainability and strengthen customer loyalty, among other benefits.

Presize was established in Munich, Germany, in 2019 based on research results from Stanford, Cambridge and Technical University of Munich. With just a short smartphone video and/or answering questions about body shape, users should always get the right size recommendation when using the tool. The company employs 40 people from 20 different countries and already supports 300 brands, including Vaude.

The better size, fit and target group are defined, the more accurately Presize’s automated size recommendation works. “We support brands in creating size conformity and fit harmony across all articles, collections and suppliers,” explains Simone Morlock, head of at Hohenstein. The consultation is supplemented by digital measurement and the use of artificial intelligence. “A short query of age, height and weight plus optional video measurement help find the right size based on the user’s individual body measurements. Our learning algorithm subsequently improves the size advice with every order and every return,” says Leon Szeli, co-founder and CEO of Presize.


Source: Presize

Presize smartphone application