Euromark Polska, the company behind the Alpinus and Campus brands in Poland, as well as Khyam and Wynnster, has radically cleaned up its business in the U.K.. Euromark issued a profit warning earlier this year after it suffered from a series of mistakes and misfortunes. While its Polish business was hit by two black winters, it failed to integrate Wynnster with existing operations in the U.K. after the brand’s acquisition two years ago, and struggled to cope with excess stock. Duncan Sutton, managing director of Eurotech Leisure, Euromark’s British subsidiary, was replaced by Tim Roberts, Euromark’s president. Wynnster’s annualized sales have dwindled to about £3.5 million (€4.4m-$6.0m), compared with £5.6 million two years ago, but the business has now been streamlined. Eurotech has closed down the former Wynnster operation in Leatherhead and moved it to the Eurotech warehouse and office in Walsall, in the West Midlands. The Wynnster range has been roughly halved, as well as its staff. A store opened in Southampton under the Planet Outdoor banner, which has turned the company into a leading player in Poland, had to be closed down, along with an electronic store of the same name. However, since the business is back in shape, Eurotech is preparing the launch of a new range of Wynnster apparel in October with input from Alpinus and Campus development teams, as intended from the start. The Polish side of the business is recovering, although some store openings have been delayed.