Genfoot, the parent company of Kamik, has won two “Alpha Awards” put out by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. It secured the title as overall best company of the year in the Montréal region and in the category of eco-friendly companies. The Chamber of Commerce honored Genfoot as best company for the fact that it has kept a large part of its production in North America and continues to compete successfully with other brands that have shifted their production elsewhere. Genfoot won in the category of eco-friendly companies since it has a 20-year-odd tradition of recycling rubber. Annually, Genfoot crafts about 2 million pairs of boots made of rubber that is 100 percent recycled. The same goes for some of the soles including the ones for the “Pack-Boots.” Genfoot has taken measures to reduce waste in the processing of footwear parts and uses only electrical power generated by water power plants.