The program of next week's European Outdoor Summit has been finalized, and it can be viewed on the dedicated website of the convention, where delegates can still register to attend it. Organized by the European Outdoor Group in conjunction with the German Sporting Goods Industry Federation (BSI), the EOS will take place on Lake Tegernsee near Munich on Oct. 15-16, with shuttles to and from the airport.

This year's EOS will revolve around the central theme of “preparing the industry for change.” One of the most interesting speakers will no doubt be Thorsten Hermes, head of sales & marketing innovations and retail at Google Germany. He will discuss, among other things, the opportunities that outdoor companies have to present their products over the internet to potential customers from the “always on” generation.

Another speaker; Kai Hudetz, a consultant who runs the leading German retail research institute and the E-Commerce Center in Cologne, will look at the future of the retail landscape. The themes of demographic change, transparency in business and the transformation of the urban outdoor environment will also be on the agenda of the convention.

Mark Held, general secretary of the European Outdoor Group, will give some figures from its study of the outdoor market in the German-speaking countries. Another speaker, Christoph Krauss, will discuss the results of a survey conducted among more than 1,000 outdoor consumers in Germany to determine their buying behavior.

The opening and closing speeches will be delivered by Max McKeown, best-selling author of “The Strategy Book,” “The Innovation Book” and “Adaptability.” He will give a recipe to become a strategic thinker and a leader who can help shape the future by building up a team and responding to the customers' needs. There will also be a panel discussion on the development of the retail sector

Like at the EOS in Stockholm last year and at the previous European Outdoor Forum in Annecy, the delegates will have numerous opportunities for networking with other experts and executives at the conference.

Along with Gore-Tex, Ispo will be a main contributing partner of the conference. The delegates will receive a book by the Ispo Academy on “Modern Shop Strategies” as a gift.