The show in Munich, which ran from Feb. 7 through 10, was a success – thanks in large part to the tremendously good snow conditions that have been prevailing lately in Central Europe and beyond.

The ski and snow sports halls were crowded, to some extent due to the fact that retailers have run out of equipment on stock. For the first time since the horrible green winter of 2006-07, the shops were under-supplied.

The outdoor industry – which is generally more robust in regard to the ups and downs of the weather – also welcomed stiff temperatures. The result was a great deal of traffic in the eastern part of Ispo’s venue.

Overall, the number of visitors – read: daily entries, as is the custom in Germany – was up by 7 percent and reached more than 64,000. Trade visitors came from 117 countries; the share of non-Germans increased by 2 percentage points to 68 percent.

Messe München reports especially strong attendance from countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, the U.K., Spain, the Netherlands, South Korea, the Czech Republic and Sweden. The number of exhibitors was up by 5 percent to 2,045. They came from 45 countries.

While the show was well organized as always, the new ticketing system caused problems. Especially on the first day, the recently introduced online vouchers were hard to read by the new scanners at the entrances and the names on the badges were written in such a small typeface that it was not worth the effort to display the badge while strolling through the halls. The technical problems were, however, solved during the show and the organizers promised to improve the ticketing system for next year.