Just as they do with empty bottles of beer, Swedish consumers could soon get into the habit of returning used outdoor garments in exchange for a small refund. Such an initiative was launched earlier this week by Klättermusen, a Swedish outdoor brand with projected sales of about 20 million SEK (€2.1m-$3.3m) this year. Consumers who bring a used jacket or backpack to the store where they bought it will get a voucher of between €5 and €15 to be spent in the same store. The used products will be picked up by Klättermusen, which will reimburse the retailer for the vouchers. The same products will then be shipped to a supplier in South Korea, Mipan Regen, which manufactures recycled outdoor products. For example, it came up with a Klättermusen-branded bag made entirely of recycled nylon, using discarded fishing nets and carpets. While such recycled nylon was already used for some other products, it was a first for a backpack.