Nigor Net, the licensee of Eureka! and Camp Trails tents across Europe, has opened a large showroom in Utrecht, in the middle of the Netherlands, on a surface of 2,000 square meters. Displaying a range of about 80 tents and many more accompanying products, this space is intended for retail customers and end consumers, although the latter will not be allowed to buy tents at the showroom. Nigor Net develops a wide range of Eureka! camping products, from family-oriented tents to outdoor tents, at an equally wide range of prices. Along with tents it sells backpacks, air mats, sleeping bags and more. Meanwhile, Camp Trails focuses on the lower-priced end of the market. Both owned by Johnson Outdoors, the two brands have been licensed for just over a decade to Nigor Net, which also sells Tech4O watches and Vital stoves. The showroom in Utrecht, called “Eureka! Experience,” will also be available for outdoor-oriented meetings and conferences. Nigor Net regards this as an interesting test: while functioning as a tool for retail customers, the showroom is also likely to boost web-based sales, which Nigor Net arranges in partnership with retailers through Shopatron.