Odysseia-In is looking to strengthen its position in the Bulgarian market by opening a second outdoor store in the capital, Sofia, under its retail banner, Stenata, which stands for "The Wall." Like the first one, the new store has 105 square meters of net retail surface, but bureaucratic problems are stopping the owners from using the second floor of the new shop's building. The unused space would almost double the size of this second shop. The launch of a third selling point is planned for next year. Stenata also sells online. Its virtual shop started taking orders a year ago and is generating an estimated 10 percent of the company's total revenues, a figure that could be higher if the internet business in the country were better developed. Odysseia-In is also a travel agency specializing in sports tourism and one of the leading outdoor sports wholesalers in Bulgaria. It already imports a number of brands in Bulgaria and during 2008 will look to secure new contracts for exclusive distribution (more about this company in the market research recently published by SGI Europe on the Balkan peninsula).