Point6, the young brand of Merino socks, is launching its international business at this OutDoor show, where it showed for the first time. The U.S. company announces that it has just appointed two distributors for the Italian and German markets. These markets are covered by Scarpa SpA and Scarpa Schuhe AG respectively. Yesterday it also announced the appointment of a distributor for Norway and Sweden, Uhrweder, which already sells a couple of backcountry brands including Silvretta and Voilé-USA. Point6 intends to expand its European business by the recruitment of more distributors.

Founded in 2008, Point6 offers a wide range of socks for various purposes, including categories like cycling, outdoor, running, snowboarding, skiing, active, lifestyle and kids. The difference from other Merino wool products is the new way the yarn is spun: The so-called “compact spun yarn” promises to be stronger than other Merino yarns and has less loose fibers that might lead to pilling. Additionally, the compact spun yarn claims increased efficiency for knitting.

Point6 is a spin-off by Patty and Peter Duke, who founded SmartWool in 1994 and walked away from the company in 2003. After less than a decade under the Dukes’ rule the specialty sock brand rose to a company of reportedly $23 million in turnover. The couple retired when they sold to an investor which later on sold SmartWool to Timberland. Peter and Petty Duke’s retirement promptly finished when they launched Point6 in 2008. A couple of former SmartWool executives joined the team, including Betsy Seabert who acts as international sales and marketing director.