The Russian Industry and Trade Ministry is seeking to promote the sale of Russian outdoor products on both the domestic and overseas markets. Eugene Ryzhkov, director of the ministry's light industry department, recently claimed that Russian outdoor goods are competitive in terms of quality and all other parameters as compared with imported products, indicating that this message should be conveyed to consumers and buyers.

 The relatively low level of the Russian ruble is no doubt supporting the local outdoor industry in the battle against foreign competitors, although Russian brands are not as well known and recognized as some western brands, locally and abroad. Viktor Evtukhov, deputy Russian Industry and Trade Minister, said that the government is supporting Russian outdoor industry exporters because “basically, nobody waits for the Russian goods in Europe.”

This year the Russian Export Center (REC), a government agency established to promote various goods of Russian origin abroad, supported the traditional Russian Outdoor Village project at the Ispo Munich show for the first time. As a result, this year the number of participating companies was the highest ever, and the overall size of the village was expanded to 460 square meters.

It was the fourth time that the Russian Outdoor Village was organized at a foreign trade show with some form of support from the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry and the third time that it was organized at Ispo Munich.

A total of 36 Russian outdoor companies participated in the collective exhibition at the fair, including Cool Zone, Stayer, O3 Ozone, Hispo, DragonFly, Forward, Ice Rock, Ice Indigo, Group 99, Karosport, Ray, Red Fox, Shishkin, Urban Tiger, V-motion, Symbion, Sporttex, Umatex and C2 Group.

Meanwhile, the Russian Outdoor Group, headed up by Alexey Grebtsov, recently established an education center where the various companies could share their production experience with their colleagues in the industry.

In general, the domestic production capacities of Russian outdoor industry manufacturers such as Satila, Cool Zone, O3 Ozone, Stayer, and C2 Group have been seen gradually growing over the past several years. However, no specific figures could be obtained on actual production or export levels.