Schöffel has decided to end its cooperation with its Austrian distributor after more than 30 years. Instead, Schöffel is going to start its own subsidiary. Les Sports, the current distributor led by Klaus Taxer, will remain incharge of the pre-orders for the next summer season 2011.

Christophe Weissenberger, the new sales director of the company, stated that in spite of Taxer’s great achievements for the brand it has been time to take the Austrian business into Schöffel’s own hands. In smaller markets near Germany, it no longer makes sense to have distributors in the traditional sense of the word. This is even more the case now that Schöffel has had good experiences with its Swiss subsidiary which was founded four years ago.

Schöffel has had a strong performance in the Austrian skiwear business since it sealed a sponsorship deal with the Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV) last year. Sales doubled in that period. In the outdoor segment, however, Schöffel sees the clear need to strengthen the brand and will invest considerably in increasing its awareness of a true outdoor brand in Austria.