Sportzone, the Portuguese sporting goods retailer controlled by Sonae Group, has been carrying Berg Outdoor as its own private outdoor brand in its numerous stores in Portugal and Spain. Since one year ago, Discovery Sports, another subsidiary of Sonae that manages Berg, has been making it available to other retailers in Portugal and Spain.

Currently, sales to Sportzone stores in Portugal and Spain account for 80 percent of all sales in these markets, whereas sales to outdoor oriented retailers account for only 20 percent until now. Sportzone operates 126 stores in Portugal and Spain, 85 of them are based in Portugal, its domestic market.

Berg Outdoor works with production partners in Portugal and Asia, but it is currently investing in the relocation of most of its production to Portugal, where until now only the premium product lines were made. Today, all technical apparel is made in Portugal, whereas the equipment is manufactured in Asia. The company's warehouse is based at the brand's headquarters in Porto. 

Berg was exhibiting at the Ispo Munich fair for the first time to help find distributors in various countries. Last October, Berg signed distribution contracts with Robinson for Poland and with Aseyco for Ecuador and Panama. Berg Outdoor is currently in discussion with distributors for the U.K., South Africa and Korea. 

Since last December, it has also been sold in the stores of Paquetá, one of the major sporting goods retailers in Brazil. Paquetá operates 30 stores across the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, Federal District and on the web. Last but not least, Berg Outdoor will sponsor Carlos Sá, a professional trail runner from Portugal, from now on.