The British Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) has published the third volume of Shaping the Future, a report that focuses on the factors driving purchasing decisions in the British outdoor market. The study confirms that price is becoming an increasingly decisive factor for British consumers. It comes before any other consideration, from brand name to quality, technical features and advice provided by retail staff. When it comes to the motive of outdoor purchases, the report indicates that 79 percent of consumers buy outdoor products to replace their worn gear, but another 28 percent purchase products they didn’t have before. Furthermore, the study highlights that two-thirds of consumers research products before they go out and buy it, and 82 percent of consumers use the internet for this purpose. In-store displays come second in terms of information, followed by magazines, catalogs and friends. Packed with useful information on British outdoor consumers, the reports and supplements are available free of charge to OIA members and at £399 (€450-$630) plus VAT per report for non-members.