The SportsOneSource Group is acquiring the VantagePoint retail point-of-sale data-reporting platform from the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA). The transaction is expected to close on Dec. 31. SportsOneSource, an American publishing and market research company, is introducing new branding and technology across its various data products in 2015, and the inclusion of the VantagePoint platform is said to be part of that strategy. SportsOneSource will make a revised VantagePoint web platform available to OIA members and other retailers and vendors interested in data on the outdoor industry. The access to VantagePoint category-level data will be complimentary for OIA retail and vendor members until March 31, 2015. As from April 1, SportsOneSource will provide the VantagePoint category-level data on a subscription basis. All the reporting retail partners of SportsOneSource will continue to have free access to the platform where they contribute data.