Transa, the big Swiss specialty outdoor retailer, is going to introduce its own consumer magazine, called, by mid-October. With a circulation of 120,000 copies it is supposed to be the country’s biggest printed publication of its type. 90,000 copies will be sent out to the owners of Transa’s customer card. The company expects to publish two more issues in 2010.

The idea came from Transa’s sister company, Globetrotter, which had launched its own customer magazine,, in 2001. Last year, the big retailer from Hamburg acquired a 25 percent stake in Transa.

Currently, the German edition has around 100 pages and an impressive circulation of 400,000 copies. The idea behind 4-seasons is not to have an additional selling tool besides the catalog, but a tool to inspire loyalty to the banner among customers. The magazine features reports on travel and adventure as well as stories on outdoor gear.

While the new Swiss magazine is inspired by the German concept, it will have its own contents, specially designed for the needs and expectations of Transa's customers. Even the writing will be adjusted to the specific reading habits of the Swiss. Stephan Glocker, editor-in-chief of the German version, will also be the head of the Swiss publication. Unlike its German counterpart, the Swiss 4-season will not have a related TV program, at least for the moment.