MGM SpA, owner of Trezeta, has taken over Kayland, another Italian brand of outdoor shoes. Trezeta and Kayland complement each other because they are positioned differently: While Trezeta specializes in hiking boots and other low-mountain footwear, Kayland is a more technical high-mountain brand for trekking, backpacking and climbing. In contrast with Trezeta, it has a contract with Gore-Tex. In some ways, the combination of Trezeta and Kayland bears some resemblances to the recently concluded marriages between Kamik and Aku.

With sales of about €7 million and €3.5 million in 2012, respectively, Trezeta and Kayland will benefit from economies of scale in the back office, including the quality control stage. However, the production and the distribution will remain separate, at least for the moment. Trezeta shoes are made in China, whereas those of Kayland are in made at a factory in Romania run by a previous owner of the brand.

MGM, an Italian company that is also the global licensee for Fila inline skates, is the creature of Enzo Prandina, whose family previously owned Brixia and Sanmarco. It took over the 50-year-old Trezeta label 10 years ago. The younger Kayland has been the property since 2005 of Novation, an Italian high-tech company specializing in carbon composite components. It also makes motorcycle and safety boots.