The EU-funded Decoat initiative has formally begun to work. The initiative, which is led by Centexbel, a Belgian R&D center, addresses the issue of textiles and plastic materials with multilayer coatings – typically with functional and performance features – that are currently not recyclable.

The project held its inaugural meeting on Feb. 20-21, in the premises of the European Commission in Brussels. The project consortium consists of 17 European partners from across the value chain, including manufacturing, design, research and innovation companies and NGOs. Vaude and Devan Chemicals, the provider of finishing technologies for textiles, are among the partners.

The project has set a series of four-year targets, which include decreasing the quantities of coated items sent to landfills by 75 percent and reducing the carbon footprint of such products by at least 30 percent. In order to hit these targets, the project's partners will work to find smart solutions that enable the circular use of textile and plastic parts with multi-layer coatings.