The It's Great Out There Coalition has awarded its seventh #itsgreatoutthere grant to De Buurtcamping, or “Neighbourhood Campsite,” a Dutch project designed to help communities connect and to allow low income people to have a holiday through outdoor experiences in campsites set up in city parks. The new grant is helping De Buurtcamping engage with local sports companies and activity providers to host a range of activities within these camps during the summer period.

The It's Great Out There Coalition, founded by the European Outdoor Group (EOG), is an international non-profit association. The coalition is leading the #itsgreatoutthere campaign to encourage more people to live a healthier lifestyle by getting active in the outdoors. 

De Buurtcamping supports residents in 12 cities across the Netherlands by turning their local parks into small villages in the middle of big cities for three days. Campsite managers work with local organizations and volunteers to transform the parks. The main goal of De Buurtcamping, founded in 2013, is to foster encounters between people from a variety of backgrounds and with different cultures, financial conditions and age levels. A third of the camping spots are reserved for low income residents, who can camp at discounted rates. Campers who volunteer at De Buurtcamping also benefit from a discount. One-third of the camping spaces are fully paid by regular campers.

The #itsgreatoutthere grant allows De Buurtcamping to offer additional outdoor activities, creating connections with sports providers and encouraging people to get involved in outdoor activities on a more regular basis. Through the grant, additional financial support will also be given to each camp to pay a small fee to those who host workshops a small fee.

Other #itsgreatoutthere grants have been awarded to projects involving partners in Germany, Italy, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands and the U.K. The coalition has already unveiled that an eighth grant for an initiative in France will be announced in the near future.

Any non-profit organization can apply for an #itsgreatoutthere grant of between €1,000 and €5,000 to support initiatives that focus on grassroots projects, primarily developed to take new participants into the outdoors. The It's Great Out There Coalition encourages potential applicants to team up with partners from the outdoor industry such as brands, retailers and activity providers, especially those who are members of the coalition. Priority is given to ideas that will help young people access the outdoors for the first time, particularly those who live in the inner cities or circumstances that make it difficult for them to access the hills and the mountains.