A Norwegian distributor, Skigutane, has taken over the right to sell Bula, the Canadian outdoor brand of headgear, in Sweden. It has set up a company-owned structure that will manage distribution, sales and marketing there. Skigutane and Bula have had an agreement since 1988 for the Norwegian market and the success of the brand there has led Bula to push Skigutane to expand. The Norwegian company will simultaneously seek to grow other brands in its portfolio such as Extrem, Kari Traa, Åsnes and Linken. Every year 100,000 Bula items are sold in Norway and Sweden, making it the brand leader on these markets for outdoor headgear. It generated turnover in Norway of about 60 million Norwegian kroner (€7.5m-$10.3m) in 2007, and sales were 10 percent of that in Sweden. Bula's head office will continue to be in Åre, and a new sales office will open in Stockholm to improve service to the region.