Addnature, the Swedish online and offline retailer of outdoor products acquired by the German-based Internetstores group in 2013, on April 1 opened a special type of physical store in central Stockholm, offering products found on its website as well as on that of Bikester, the company's online shop for bicycles.

Located at Birger Jarlsgatan 43, a short distance from the stores of Peak Performance and some big luxury brands in the Swedish capital, the new 800-square-meter store is an extension of the first physical store that Addnature had opened in 2004 on 300 sqm. Its format can be described as a hybrid online/offline mix between a showroom and a regular physical store, giving customers access in the same place to the all the products offered in the online catalogs of Addnature and Bikester.

In addition to offering outdoor products as well as bike clothing and accessories that customers can purchase and take away, the new store has a 150-square-meter space where a selection of bicycles is only on display. They are not stock. The customer can try them out before placing an order on one of the many terminals located throughout the store for direct delivery from the warehouse.

The new store also has a small movie theater where 20-30 people can watch adventure films and other entertaining footage in the evening. During the day, the space can be used by suppliers to conduct educational product clinics for industry professionals. Addnature still has a second physical store in the same city.

Opening a store in Stockholm makes sense because one-third of Sweden's population live in its metropolitan area, says Ralf Kindermann, chief operating officer of Internetstores, explaining why his company has no intention to open physical stores anywhere in its domestic German market.

Internetstores claims to be the only European pure player in e-commerce specializing in the sale of outdoor products as well as bicycles. Somewhat like in the U.S., it does so through different, targeted websites – and in Germany and their counterparts in the other German-speaking countries and Denmark. The model was adopted by Addnature at the time of its acquisition by Internetstores through its takeover of the online bike shop.

The Bikester business has been ramping up strongly throughout the Nordic countries since the takeover. A small link on Addnature's homepage leads customers to the Bikester shop, and vice versa. The Nordic homepages feature also links to Internetstores' websites.  

Since their takeover by Internetstores, Addnature and Bikester have opened their online shops also in Norway and Finland. Their product ranges have been optimized, but different teams have been purchasing different items for the Scandinavian and German-speaking countries.

That bikes and outdoor gear complement each other has enabled Internetstores and Addnature to overcome the problems that many outdoor retailers have had due to the recent unseasonable weather patterns. Bikes sold very well during the last, unusually warm autumn season.

On a consolidated basis, Interstores booked an operating profit (Ebit) of about €10 million last year on a 24 percent increase in total revenues to €140 million, said Kindermann, declining to break down the sales figures.