After an impressive sales increase of about 40 percent last year, Adidas Outdoor has again lifted its global sales at a double-digit rate so far this year, driven by expanded ranges as well as growing sales in existing stores. Adidas Outdoor reached a turnover of about €300 million in 2011 and is working toward a target of €500 million by 2015, as part of its Peak 2015 plan. The expansion this year is aided by the launch of two new product categories, a children's apparel range and a so-called everyday outdoor range, which is targeted at younger consumers involved in bouldering, slacklining and more urban activities. The range could help to expand Adidas Outdoor in apparel, which makes up only about 35 percent of its sales. This is also the first year in which Adidas Outdoor is widely distributed in the U.S. market, with sales to about 700 stores including high-profile specialists. Sales in established markets targeted by Adidas Outdoor from the start of its relaunch, such as Germany and Switzerland, have been bolstered by its heightened credibility, with such endorsements as a partnership with the Alpin Center Zermatt, taken over from Mammut. Adidas Outdoor's managers predict that they will continue to outgrow the outdoor market as they are leading a trend toward more athletic outdoor products.