Allied Feather & Down has been certified by NSF International to the Global Traceable Down Standard (TDS). Certification to the Global TDS can be granted to organizations that demonstrate that the down they process is from farms complying with the highest levels of animal welfare, and that the down is fully traceable throughout their supply chain.

At the start of 2016, around 70 percent of Allied's down had been certified by independent third parties, and Allied is said to be on track to have 100 percent of its down certified by 2017.

As compared to existing down standards, which start at the hatchery, the Global TDS extends animal welfare procedures to parent farms, where animals usually live for around four years and would be at greatest risk of live-plucking. The extremely comprehensive criteria in the TDS are based on standards that Patagonia developed internally and are now overseen by NSF International. The Global TDS is currently the strongest available standard to protect ducks and geese from cruel practices such as force-feeding and live-plucking.