Amer Sports plans to increase sales from e-commerce and corporate single-brand stores to 10 percent of the group's net sales.

The group has already started pilot e-commerce operations in France for Salomon and Suunto, and now plans to launch new online shops in other parts of Europe and North America. Customers will be able to buy whole product lines from their brand of choice, the company says, adding that giving the customer direct access this way will help expand the company and grow faster in softgoods.

Victor Duran, head of business-to-consumer and marketing at Amer Sports, noted that branching out into e-commerce in France doubled website traffic for Salomon and Suunto. He said that the company's retail partners benefit from the online presence as well, as many shoppers want to see and feel the products they've learned about online, so they buy them afterwards in the regular stores. According to Duran, the strategy at Amer is “to surround the customer with a great brand experience, communicate the value of our brands and then let the consumer decide how and where to buy.”

As for the company's single-brand stores, it should be aided by the development of new apparel and footwear ranges. The group already had 159 single-brand stores at the end of March. Many of them are operating under the Salomon banner, but mostly in the Far East.