As expected, Amer Sports has sold off its two brands of board sports clothing. The new owner is Pretty Great, a subsidiary of a Singapore-based company, CNR Pte. Amer had inherited the American Bonfire brand as part of its acquisition of Salomon in 2005. It bought Nikita, a women-specific brand based in Iceland, in 2011.

Evidently, the two brands failed to achieve the expected results as part of the otherwise strong development of the group in the area of apparel, thanks especially to Arc'teryx. Together, Bonfire and Nikita generated sales of only €9.8 million in 2014.

Brad Stewart, the founder of Bonfire, ran Amer's action sports brands for a while, including Salomon's sports business, but he left the group a few months ago, after being reassigned to other functions. So did Andy Towne, who had been supervising the entire apparel business of Amer since 2010. Carla Murphy, who became creative director of Nike in 2013, is now in charge of women's apparel for the whole group.