Amer Sports has acquired full ownership of Sports Tracker Technologies, including its Sports Tracker application, at undisclosed conditions, moving quickly to complete the transaction with the finnish firm.

Sports Tracking Technology is a company spun off from Nokia in 2009. It is run by former officials of the Finnish telecommunication company who claim to have developed in 2004 the first application of its kind for runners and other outdoor sports enthusiasts that can be downloaded on a mobile phone.

Sports Tracker claims to have become one of the top five health and fitness apps in the world. Since its launch, the app has been downloaded 25 million times, resulting in more than two million kilometers being tracked with it so far. Sports Tracker's team says it is used each month by more than two million people in over 200 countries around the world.

Sports Tracker's team of 12 people will continue to develop its services and products under the same brand name, with no major changes in services planned at this point. Its activities will be merged into Amer Sports after the closing of the transaction. Sports Tracker's chief executive, Jussi Kaasinen, will work with Amer Sports Digital Services.

According to Sports Tracker, its new arrangement with Amer should help broaden its product portfolio and add support for a wider range of products, expanding its services into new sports and user situations.

Amer, whose holdings include Suunto, says it is strengthening its digital engagement capabilities through this acquisition, which should be completed by the end of June, further driving sales of connected devices and e-commerce. It says that Sports Tracker will be an integral part of the “Amer Sports Digital Ecosystem,” which consists of connected devices, smart sensors, connected services such as Movescount and Preva, and various brand websites and e-commerce.

Movescount is an online sports community, managed by Suunto, which is turning into a digital service operation for the whole group. Preva is the networked fitness tracker of Precor. Movescount and Preva are being integrated in the course of the first half of this year based on automatic data transfer between the two digital platforms. The linkage ismeant to help exercisers track progress toward their fitness objectives regardless of where they train.

At the gym, Preva captures workouts on any networked Precor 880 line piece of cardio equipment, and the Preva mobile app can record strength and functional training. Outside of the gym, users can sync to Preva via either or Suunto's Movescount mobile app. Exercisers can use a Suunto sports watch to track workout details such as heart rate, speed, elevation and recovery rate.