Anta Sports Products, which had a 57.95 percent stake in the consortium that bought Amer Sports earlier this year, will no longer have to include and report Amer's figures, which have been dilutive, in its consolidated income statements. Anta is shedding 5 percent of its economic interest in the group and selling another 0.25 percent stake to Fountainvest, one of the shareholders in the consortium, for an indicated amount of €241.5 million. At the same time, entities controlled by Anta's main shareholders and its management will acquire the non-voting shares of the holding company that owns Amer for €133.3 million. The transaction seems to have been carefully engineered to render unnecessary any approvals from regulators or independent shareholders. In considering the transaction to be fair, Anta's board said it will improve the group's balance sheet while retaining effective control.