Bonvita, the Danish-based distributor of many brands of Wolverine Worldwide, has completed a merger with a sister firm, Nordic Footwear Company. The merger and the implementation of some other adjustments designed to increase efficiency have lowered the break-even point. Henrik Hammer, owner of Bonvita and Nordic Footwear, says the move was a reaction to a new market situation that did not allow the same overheads as before. He will remain the sole owner of the new combined Bonvita Footwear Company.

The result of the merger is a new company placed under a single management and with a single back office and a single warehouse, that will sell this year a little less than 500,000 pairs of shoes across Scandinavia, after keeping only some of the brands and assets of the two former operations.

Nordic Footwear was established in 2012 to act as a platform for the development of a handful of Danish house brands – Bundgaard, Jaco, JacoForm, Trigger and Ambre – that previously belonged to the former trading division of Sanita Footwear, the Danish producer of clogs. Ulrik Schulz, a long-time executive of Bonvita who headed up Nordic Footwear, will continue to work as the managing director of Hammer's new company.

As of this year, Bonvita is no longer distributing Sperry or Keds shoes. Bonvita had been representing Merrell in Denmark and Norway for 17 years, but Wolverine decided to take back the distribution of Merrell in Norway from the beginning of 2016, contributing to the decision to merge Bonvita with Nordic Footwear. The new company will continue to distribute Merrell shoes and Ipanema's sandals in Denmark. It will continue to sell Wolverine and Bates boots as well as Hi-Tec shoes in all the Nordic countries.