Despite the prevailing pandemic and turbulent market conditions, Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs reported that it managed to deliver net sales for 2020 in line with last year’s strong performance. The company did not provide any figures. According to CEO Fredrik Ohlsson, the ability to mitigate the crisis is mainly due to Haglöfs improved product mix, brand strength and digital distribution.

The first half of 2020 was challenging for the entire outdoor industry. The combination of a mild winter and the outbreak of the pandemic led to a significant drop in sales at Haglöfs at the beginning of the year. To cope with the dramatic market situation, cost reduction and collaboration were key for Haglöfs. Later in the second quarter, market conditions changed fundamentally with a strong increase in demand for outdoor products as consumers spent more time on outdoor activities. Haglöfs believed it was well positioned to benefit from this trend thanks to its previous investments in product mix, brand and digital distribution. “We have successfully transformed Haglöfs into a more consumer-focused company, with a more relevant product mix, stronger customer relationships and stronger marketplaces, including our own digital channel. Overall, this has enabled us to maintain sales at last year’s level despite a challenging start to the year,” Ohlsson said.

Throughout the year, Haglöfs maintained a long-term perspective and continued to invest in its brand, product development and sustainability efforts. In 2020, the company introduced its new Outsiders by Nature brand claim and further developed its design philosophy: “Neo Hantverk” - responsible performance design. In addition, extending the life of its products was an important part of Haglöfs’ sustainability strategy. Consequently, the brand released a preview of its Haglöfs Restored second-hand collection in 2020; the collection will be fully launched in FW21.

Ohlsson said Haglöfs enters the new year with a strong position in an outdoor market that is experiencing a positive upswing. To capitalize on this, the company will make additional investments in technology and expertise in 2021. “Although we are humbled for any challenge the pandemic may bring, we are positive about 2021. In the coming year, we will continue to focus on the consumer, develop our channel mix and brand, and launch innovative product lines based on our new design philosophy,” Ohlsson concluded.