In 2017, German bicycle wholesaler, importer and supplier Hermann Hartje started assembling e-bikes from its own brand portfolio in the Czech Republic with a total of 25 employees. This assembly operation has now moved from a rented site to a new building created by Hartje. The Czech subsidiary Hartje e-factory is designed to assemble up to 90,000 e-bikes per year. Currently, 45 employees work on 8,000 square meters of space on two assembly lines and Holland Mechanik equipment for wheel production. According to Hartje, there is no shortage of potential for future expansion in times of the e-bike boom: currently, the 22,000-square-meter site is only partially developed. By moving into its own assembly facility, Hartje is also increasingly slipping into the role of a manufacturer. More information on the Hartje e-factory will soon be available at

e-factory - the new building in Šumperk, Czech Republic

Source: Hartje

Hartje e-factory – the new building in Šumperk, Czech Republic