Austria’s leading bicycle manufacturer, KTM Fahrrad, is considered one of the European pedelec pioneers and the largest location for electric mobility in its home country. For this purpose, the domestic market leader now even self-generates electricity. To ensure high product quality under the “Made in Austria” seal, all investments are also seen as a “clear commitment to Austria as a business location.” Further (but not specified) investments in the Mattighofen site are also a clear statement “Made in Austria” – not to forget the investments “for further quality assurance and service for KTM customers.”

KTM Fahrrad has already set real milestones in 2019 and 2020 with the opening of a completely new production facility and logistics center. In 2021, another five construction projects covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters are to be realized simultaneously. These include expansions and renovations in the area of production, more specifically, a completely new computer-controlled, fully automated paint shop and additional buildings for product development and customer service.

With an output of up to 450,000 watts per hour, the in-house photovoltaic system is, under ideal conditions, capable of generating a large part of the electricity required for production operations. In addition, the entire cooling and heating of the building are covered in conjunction with a water heat exchange system.

With its early move into the pedelec segment, KTM Fahrrad grew into a group that today employs over 800 people. For the 2022 model year, the management team led by Johanna Urkauf, who took over from her mother and company owner Carol Urkauf-Chen in 2018, plans to produce 460,000 KTM bikes and e-bikes. With that number, she also aims to set a new record for sales. Owner Carol Urkauf-Chen herself remains active in the company as chairwoman of the supervisory board.

3 HQ

Source: KTM Fahrrad

The corporate headquarters of KTM Fahrrad in Mattighofen, Upper Austria.