The Dutch start-up Get Bike Service (GBS) has received a cash injection from Shimano. The amount was not disclosed, only that the Japanese company now holds a minority stake in GBS.

GBS says it is “the largest independent service provider in Europe and focuses on the maintenance and repair of LEV, light electric powered vehicles in the B2B sector.” With a sophisticated IT infrastructure, a cloud-based bike management system and outstanding mechanics, the Dutch company monitors and controls the vehicles of customers such as DHL, PostNL, Dockr and Cargoroo. The customer portfolio also includes DTC bicycle manufacturers such as Canyon Bicycle and e-tailers like GBS has taken over the services and deliveries for these companies. One of the high-growth business areas deals with the support and implementation of European as well as worldwide recall projects, in which customer communication, process structure, supply chain and the entire IT and operational handling are carried out and documented for the customer.

Dennis Ohlen, the investment manager responsible for scale-ups at Dutch growth bank LIOF, commented on Shimano’s investment: “GBS is one of our fastest growing portfolio companies and we see a great intersection here with Shimano as an investor and shareholder as both companies share the same values: A focus on quality, service and sustainability. Together, these companies are in a position to scale the GBS business model across Europe. This can make a decisive contribution to replacing high-emission vans with light, electronically powered delivery vehicles and thus significantly relieve the burden on inner cities.”