Teijin Frontier, the fiber and products converting company of the Teijin Group, has announced that it will merge its subsidiaries Teijin Modern Yarn and Shinwa into a new joint subsidiary called Teijin Frontier Knitting. The merger is due to take place on April 1. Teijin Frontier Knitting will develop, manufacture, sell and process yarns. The new company will upgrade the various knitting machines of its two predecessors with new development and quality-control capabilities for difficult products, Teijin explained. It will create next-gen materials in the field of special textured yarns by integrating the technologies of its two predecessors and is also expected to strengthen the global expansion of the Teijin Frontier Group’s tubular knitted fabrics business. In addition, the new company will strengthen the launch of new products both in Japan, where it is based, and worldwide by leveraging its expertise in tubular knitted fabrics that incorporate special textured yarn. The president of the new company will be Takashi Murayama, currently an executive at Teijin Frontier in the textile and apparel division.