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    Sympatex creates “Chief Sustainable Community Manager” position


    Sympatex has created a new position within the company called ”chief sustainable community manager and head of storytelling” and recruited Kim Scholze , former outdoor community manager and developer of ISPO Munich ’s sustainability strategy, to fill the role. Scholze brings more than 20 years of industry experience in ...

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    Global Organic Textile Standard certified facilities jump by 34%


    The number of textiles facilities certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organization rose by 34 percent globally in 2020, reaching a new high of 10,388. More than 3 million workers in 72 countries were working in GOTS-certified facilities last year. While significant increases were seen in all ...

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    Von Dewitz receives GEM Award for pioneering leadership


    Antje von Dewitz , CEO of German outdoor brand Vaude , has received the GEM Award 2021 for her successful sustainable brand management. The Berlin-based ” Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des Markenwesens e.V. ” (Society for the Study of Brands, GEM) is a platform that supports companies in their brand ...

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    VF Corp. named one the 2021 world’s most ethical companies


    VF Corp. has been recognized by Ethisphere as one of the “ 2021 World’s Most Ethical Companies ”. VF has received the recognition for the fifth consecutive year and is the only honoree in the apparel industry to be named this year. In 2021, 135 companies have been ...

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    Haglöfs promotes head of sustainability to management team


    Source: Haglöfs Elaine Gardiner Swedish outdoor brand Haglöfs has decided to add its head of sustainability, Elaine Gardiner , to the company’s management team, retroactive to Jan. 2021. Gardiner joined Haglöfs in early 2019 as its new head of sustainability to take the brand’s ...

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    Apparel brands are urged to use more recycled polyester


    Textile Exchange and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action have partnered to launch the 2025 Recycled Polyester Challenge , a joint initiative to further encourage a shift in the market towards the uptake of recycled polyester (rPET) and the associated ...

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    New Zealand Merino launches 100% regenerative wool platform with Icebreaker, Allbirds and Smartwool


    The New Zealand Merino Company ( NZM ) and global Merino wool apparel and footwear brands Icebreaker, Smartwool and Allbirds will work collectively with 167 sheep growers in New Zealand to create ZQRX , the world’s first regenerative wool platform. “ZQRX is an important and necessary evolution ...

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    Bluesign releases updated version of its Product Stewardship Guideline


    Bluesign has released Version 3.0 of its Product Stewardship Guideline , exclusively available to Bluesign System Parners. The Guideline, which complements the Bluesign Criteria for chemical suppliers, is a practical guide for chemical companies that are willing to implement state-of-the-art procedures and improve their product safety. Bluesign has been ...

  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition
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    The Sustainable Apparel Coalition reviews its first decade and sets new strategy for the future


    The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) has released a comprehensive report in which the organization illustrates the progress in its first decade of activity, culminating in the completion of the Higg Index , and illustrates its strategy for the years to come. The SAC, headquartered in Oakland, California, ...

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    VF Corp. allocates first green bond proceeds


    VF Corp ., the mother company of The North Face , Timberland and other brands, has released its Green Bond Impact Report , in which it shows that the net proceeds of around €493 million from its inaugural green bond have been fully allocated. The money has ...

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    Osprey launches new generation of Talon and Tempest with AGAIN campaign


    U.S. backpack specialist Osprey has released an open letter to the outdoor community and its retail partners to signal hope on the horizon after the tough year of 2020. With the message explore AGAIN™ , the letter highlights the importance of the outdoors to physical and mental well-being. Together ...

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    Schöffel Foundation plants 30,000 trees


    Peter Schöffel, CEO Schöffel The reduction of the VAT in Germany in the second half of 2020 was intended to support the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. But it also made possible a sustainability project by the Schöffel Foundation , which was established in 2011 to ...

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    WNDR Alpine receives B Corp certification


    WNDR Alpine , a Salt Lake City, Utah-based backcountry ski and apparel brand owned by Checkerspot , a California-based biotech performance materials company, has announced that it has received Certified B Corporation (“ B Corp ”) status. Checkerspot commented that “this certification marks its participation in a global movement ...

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    3M will invest US$1 billion in environmental goals


    U.S. multinational conglomerate 3M is planning to invest about US$1 billion over the next 20 years to meet its new environmental goals. These include carbon neutrality by 2050, reducing water use by 25 percent at its plants and returning higher-quality water to the environment after use in manufacturing. The ...

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    Scarpa introduces Green Manifesto


    Scarpa has announced the Green Manifesto , a comprehensive strategy that summarizes the company’s pledge and initiatives for sustainability. The spirit of the manifesto revolves around five principles that start with the letters that compose the name of the company: S for sustainability; C for ...

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    Peak Performance joins the Circular Fashion Partnership


    Peak Performance is among the new brands that have recently joined the Circular Fashion Partnership , a cross-sectorial project led by Global Fashion Agenda , in partnership with Reverse Resources , The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and P4G , which aims to achieve a long-term, ...

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    Sympatex: 25 percent bio-based material in all membranes


    Sympatex announced at ISPO Munich Online that as early as this year, more than 25 percent of the raw materials required for its membrane will be switched to bio-based sources derived from various organic waste streams (based on mass balancing). At the same time, it aims to ensure ...

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    Starboard and ICF partner up for the environment


    To make future paddling competitions more environmentally friendly, SUP and windsurfing board manufacturer Starboard , founded in 1994, and the International Canoe Federation ( ICF ) have entered into a partnership that focuses on climate and water protection. The federation joins Starboard’s already extensive activities and will calculate the ...

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    Biodegradability: The next battle in the war of greenwashing?


    One of the main incoming extra features attached to synthetics this spring is biodegradability. Synthetics have come in for much criticism as they are seen as the primary source of plastics in the ocean, so would it make sense to have the visible part of them break down quicker: Is ...

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    Cotopaxi sets ambitious sustainability goal


    Cotopaxi has announced its goal to have 100 percent of its products certified as using only responsible, recycled, or repurposed materials by 2022. Currently, Cotopaxi’s product line contains the following sustainability features and percentages: 80 percent of product families have one or more sustainability features; ...