Accelerating Circularity, founded in 2020 as a collaborative industry project to accelerate the textile industry’s move from linear to circular, is launching a new project based in Europe. Just as in its U.S. counterpart, where the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is a long-term collaborator (though not part of the steering committee), the outdoor industry is also represented in Accelerating Circularity Europe by the responsible network organization, the European Outdoor Group (EOG). According to a statement from EOG, the group aims to align the outdoor sector with the broader textile and apparel industry to take advantage of the opportunities presented by participating in the new project from the very beginning. In addition to EOG, the founding members of Accelerating Circularity Europe’s steering committee include global retail companies, circular supply chain and textile recycling like DuPont Biomaterials, GIZ, Gr3n, Inditex, Lenzing, Recover, Recyclatex Group, Reverse Resources, Texaid and Zalando. The EOG will be represented on the committee by Katy Stevens, head of CSR and sustainability, who will bring the group’s knowledge and experiences to the challenge. “We are committed to finding solutions for the outdoor sector and all other stakeholders, and firmly believe that this kind of broad collaboration can be a very important driver of meaningful change,” Stevens said.

The project Accelerating Circularity is researching, mapping, modeling and linking circular textile-to-textile systems. The main goals of the new project are to

  • Define a functioning, cost-effective circular textile supply chain model
  • Provide the textile supply chain with a model for implementing systems to create circular supply chains
  • Research to landscape materials and players, standardize grades for recycling inputs and inform the circular model
  • Aggregate data and map a new circular supply chain with a focus on specific end products
  • Outline missing links within circular supply chains
  • Report on the development of commercially viable circular textile supply chains

In the U.S., Accelerating Circularity Inc. is funded by a group of industry players, VF Corp., Gap, Target and Walmart. The creation of the new European arm aims to expand the campaign so that the textile industry can achieve a scaled, global circular system.