German backpack specialist Deuter has published its social report for the 2019/2020 fiscal year.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the year was a real challenge in terms of social responsibility. Above all, Deuter made the health and safety of all employees and suppliers a top priority. Measures adopted jointly with all partners, such as not canceling orders, continuing to pay wages during production shutdowns or safely transporting workers to and from production sites, were designed to mitigate the negative impact of the pandemic and provide stability throughout the global supply chain. Implementing this strategy required an approach based on partnership, effective communication and flexibility between buyers and suppliers.

One sign of Deuter’s commitment to fair labor conditions is its renewed Leader Status, awarded by the Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Wear, a non-profit organization from the Netherlands, annually puts its member companies in the textile industry through their paces. The main focus is on ensuring that member companies are doing everything they can to create fair working conditions in their factories and with their suppliers.

Another focus of the report is the results of the Deuter social audit. The transparent presentation of each individual measure clearly shows what challenges exist, but also what successes and opportunities are associated with them. In addition, the report provides detailed information on the three production countries China, Vietnam and Myanmar, giving a deeper insight into the framework conditions there and the implementation of measures at the production sites.

In addition to these efforts, ensuring sustainability and reducing the impact of the company’s actions remained a top priority for Deuter. The company was committed to identifying and exploiting optimization potential in order to reduce its environmental footprint, optimize working conditions and develop even more sustainable products.

Deuter has also set itself six ambitious goals for the coming fiscal year:

  1. Increased examination of subcontractors in collaboration with Deuter’s production partner, Duke, to achieve fair working conditions
  2. Transparent pricing with sleeping bag supplier Bellmart
  3. Living wages based on the Global Living Wage Coalition study (Anchor Benchmark)
  4. Supporting a constructive dialogue between workers and management
  5. Implementation of the Corrective Action Plan at one of Deuter’s printing supplier in Vietnam
  6. Reducing overtime at all of the brand’s production partners

The full Deuter Social Report 2019/2020 can be downloaded directly at (Pdf).