Fristads, a Swedish workwear manufacturer that also expanded into the outdoor segment in 2020, has made it easier to be aware of the environmental footprint of its workwear by developing its so-called Green Calculator. The digital tool uses real data to calculate the difference that choosing eco-friendly workwear can make in terms of environmental impact.

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Green Calculator

Fristads launched its first environmentally declared clothing collection in 2019, called Fristads Green. Ever since, several sustainable collections were added to the range, with each garment featuring an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that shows the garment’s full environmental impact, from design and material selection to production and transport. Fristads is taking the next step with the digital tool to make it easier for customers to calculate their environmental impact and reduce their climate footprint. The tool, available to anyone on, is, however, currently only applicable to the workwear collection but is a good example of how apparel manufacturers can provide more transparency. In the case of Fristads’ Green Calculator, the data of all Fristads garments with EPD are collected and compared with the brand’s conventionally produced products. By specifying which workwear to use or buy, and – for companies – the number of employees to be equipped with it, the Green Calculator then calculates the environmental impact of the garments and, most importantly, how much CO2 emissions and water consumption can be reduced by choosing Fristads Green over conventional products.