Hyosung TNC, the South Korean supplier of textile technology, is accelerating its entry into the global market for environmentally friendly fibers by working with Colorado-based backpack specialist Osprey. According to the manufacturer, Mipan®regen robic, developed by Hyosung, is the world’s first environmentally friendly, high-strength nylon yarn. The material is produced by recycling by-products from fiber production. Hyosung claims that it is lightweight, has excellent tear and wear resistance and is therefore ideal for outdoor products such as backpacks as well as for workwear and swimsuits. When 1kg of reclaimed nylon yarn is produced, the equivalent of a reduction of 6-7kg of CO2 emission is the result. 

Hyosung began supplying Osprey with Mipan®regen robic in the first quarter of this year after the U.S. brand approached the South Korean company at Ispo Munich with a request to develop an “environmentally friendly and high strength product.” Meanwhile, the general demand for environmentally friendly products is increasing, lately especially in the premium markets, such as America and Europe. Hyosung attributes this to the fact that the European Union is planning to introduce the Carbon Border Adjustment next year, and when this system comes into effect, a carbon tax will be levied on imported goods that emit a large amount of greenhouse gases. The global market for environmentally friendly fibers is growing by an average of about 1 percent per year. The market is expected to reach about $70 billion by 2025, Hyosung said, citing several third-party research findings. In line with this trend, annual sales of Hyosung’s environmentally friendly yarn division have more than doubled since 2017.

Mipan®regen robic will be used in Osprey’s best-selling Talon/Tempest series, which has been completely redesigned and expanded for spring 2021 and will be available in stores from January 2021.