Circle Economy, a Dutch not-for-profit organization, is launching a free, online guide to help apparel brands of all sizes design and launch a rental or resale business model pilot in ten months. According to Circle Economy, its new Circular Toolbox provides a higher level of detail when compared to many of the existing guides to circular business models as it explains how to practically and realistically evolve from A to Z in the process, from getting sign-off from the top and putting a team together to piloting a new concept on the ground. Resources include research tools and workshop sheets, a podcast featuring brands that have already undergone the same process, and specific guidance as to how and when to use each tool, among others. The circular innovation process outlined in the Circular Toolbox was tested through Circle Economy’s two-year Switching Gear project, which guided four brands — Asket, ETP, Kuyichi and Lindex — in the development and launch of circular business model pilots. Apparel brands interested in the Toolbox can join the launch event on Zoom on April 1st at 16:00 CET at or request access to the toolbox after that date at