British companies Rab and Lowe Alpine have just published their first official sustainability report (direct PDF download), covering the 2020/21 fiscal year. The two brands owned by Equip Outdoor Technologies have identified four pillars for their CSR efforts: Product, Planet, Partners and People.

Within the “Product” theme, the main points achieved are:

  • The Rab Microlight and Cirrus ranges are now made almost entirely from recycled materials.
  • In 2020, 34 percent of all Rab fabrics used were made from recycled fibers (ten times more than in 2019).
  • 48 percent of Rab fabrics and 100 percent of fabrics used by Lowe Alpine are PFC-free.
  • 7,000 products were repaired at the company’s U.K. service center.

Equip has committed that 50 percent of the brand’s fabric usage must come from recycled or renewable materials by 2030.

The “Planet” pillar demonstrates Equip’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste pollution. Since 2020, the group has been offsetting its emissions with South Pole as a partner and is officially climate neutral. However, the goal is to reach Net Zero by 2030. The report provides detailed insights into emissions data and reduction plans. Goals that have already been achieved include:

  • New polybag packaging made from 50 percent recycled materials.
  • Redesign of all tags on apparel, resulting in a 79 percent reduction in weight and waste.

On the topic of „Partners,” Equip shares its efforts in its first social report (direct PDF download), which was recently published. In 2020, the company became a member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Last but not least, the report’s “People” thread explains where the brands have worked with partners to support outdoor access for everyone, regardless of origin, gender, race, sexuality or ability.

For more information on Rab and Lowe Alpine’s responsibility strategy and future plans, visit the Rab website.