The U.S.-based resale platform provider Recurate, founded in 2020, has conducted a new re-commerce study in eleven markets worldwide, together with social impact agency BBMG. To understand consumers’ pre-owned product shopping habits, the company has surveyed a mix of non-active and active e-commerce shoppers. First and foremost, the study finds that 74 percent of people across all markets, ages, genders and socioeconomic statuses are resale shoppers, showing that buying pre-owned has grown out of the Gen-Z niche.

In its study, re-commerce service provider Recurate explicitly highlights the consumer’s wish for more brand-owned offerings of the pre-owned product. According to the survey, 75 percent of all re-commerce participants said re-commerce would increase their brand loyalty and frequency, but third-party marketplaces are currently their only option to shop second-hand online. Even more – 90 percent ­– who shop and sell pre-owned want to shop peer-to-peer re-commerce directly from their favorite brand.

“This consumer report quantifies the tremendous opportunity of brand-owned resale,” said Karin Dillie, VP of partnerships at Recurate. “The numbers are clear – brands who launch in-house resale programs can create substantially more loyal, more frequent customers than brands who don’t.” Recurate, Inc. is a circular economy technology company offering fashion, outdoor gear, electronics and equipment brand companies an e-commerce solution for their second-hand sales.