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    Bicycle shares Q1 2022: Geopolitical situation puts pressure on the market


    While global lockdowns, virus variants, inflation, zero interest rates, supply shortages or political crises could not harm last year’s upward trend in bicycle stocks, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has changed everything. The war is intensifying the surge in prices. Fears of supply shortages of gas and oil and other commodities ...

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    Dorel Sports grows by 5.8% in the fourth quarter


    Dorel Sports, which is now listed as a discontinued operation in the accounts of Dorel Industries following its recent $810 million sale to the Pon Group, saw its net profit improve by 21.8 percent to $2.29 million in the fourth quarter ended Dec. 30, according to its parent company, although ...

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    CEO of Dorel Sports resigns


    According to several media reports, Peter Woods, president and CEO of Dorel Sports (brands Cannondale, Caloi, GT, Mongoose, Schwinn, etc.) since 2013, has resigned. Dutch Pon Holdings’ bicycle business Pon.Bike (brands Cervélo, Focus, Gazelle, Juliana, Kalkhoff, Santa Cruz, Union, etc.) had announced the acquisition of Canadian Dorel Industries’ bicycle business ...

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    Green awareness provides greater tailwind for bike stocks in 2021


    2021 had it all: on the one hand, more lockdowns, virus variants, inflation, zero or negative interest rates, supply bottlenecks, political crises, trade and other wars, etc. On the other hand, 2021 experienced a world stock market that trudged steadily upward. This also gave our 2021 cycling stock some major ...

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    Outdoor and bike industry stocks rose by 3.0% in Q4


    Our quarterly analysis of the outdoor stock market shows a 3.0 percent sequential increase in the average stock prices of 32 public companies primarily involved in the outdoor and bicycle sectors between Sept. 30 and Dec. 31, 2021. This came after increases for most of the same companies of 18.9 ...

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    Dorel Sports Q3 revenues slip as supply-chain constraints bite


    Dorel Industries said third-quarter revenue at its Dorel Sports segment fell slightly on supply-chain disruption and parts shortages, leading it to lower fourth-quarter expectations for the group as a whole. The company, which last month agreed to sell Dorel Sports to Pon Group for $810 million, said revenue at the ...

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    ​Dorel announces ruling by Luxembourg administrative court


    Martin Schwartz, president and CEO of Dorel Industries Inc. of Montréal, Canada, expressed disappointment with the Luxembourg Administrative Court’s upholding on appeal of a previously announced ruling that one of wholly-owned subsidiaries of Dorel owes €54.6 million in taxes, including interest. As a result of the ruling, Dorel must pay ...

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    Pon Holdings acquires Dorel Sports


    The Dutch Pon Group and Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries Inc. officially announced on Oct. 11 that Pon.Bike (brands Cervélo, Focus, Gazelle, Juliana, Kalkhoff, Santa Cruz, Union, etc.) will acquire Dorel Sports (brands Cannondale, Caloi, GT, Mongoose, Schwinn, etc.). According to the two parties, this mammoth marriage will create “a leading ...

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    Outdoor industry stocks declined by 6% in Q3


    Public companies involved in the outdoor and bike sectors saw their average share value decline by 6.0 percent between June 30 and Sept. 30 of this year, after rising by 18.9 percent during the first quarter and by 13.8 percent during the second quarter. The sector performed a little better ...

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    Dorel posts ninth consecutive quarter of sales growth despite supply chain problems


    Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries Inc. continues to ride the wave of success, not only but mainly due to best results of its bicycle products-selling Sports Division and its Juvenile Division. In the second quarter of the current fiscal year 2021, the group increased its sales by 5.7 percent to $764.99 ...

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    Dorel Industries closes new $450 million credit facility


    Earlier this year – and after lively discussions between Dorel Industries Inc. and its shareholders – the Canadian conglomerate pulled out of the announced going-private transaction. With shareholders clearly expressing confidence in Dorel’s future and the greater potential for Dorel as a public company, the Canadians now announced that ...

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    Outdoor companies’ stocks up by 18.9% in Q1


    The average stock market value of 31 selected public companies in the outdoor sector saw a sequential improvement of 18.9 percent between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, buoyed by the strong performance of stock markets across the globe, fueled by recovery hopes. This reflects ...

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    Cycling demand boosts Dorel Sports


    Dorel Sports , Dorel Industries ’ sports segment whose brands include Cannondale , Schwinn , GT , Mongoose , Caloi and IronHorse , saw its revenues increase by 13.8 percent year-on-year to $265.3 million in the fourth quarter, or by 15.9 percent in constant currencies. This marks the seventh ...

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    Dorel Group terminates going-private transaction


    Canadian Dorel Industries has terminated the going-private agreement between itself and an affiliate of funds managed by Cerberus Capital Management as buyer by mutual consent. As a result, the planned going-private transaction is a thing of the past. The agreement provided that the above-mentioned buyer would pay Dorel ...

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    Two shareholders demand more for Dorel


    According to Bloomberg , two large institutional shareholders are planning to vote against the sweetened offer to pay 16.00 Canadian share for each share in Dorel Industries made a few days ago by Cerberus Capital Management to take the company private. They say that, while it is higher ...

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    Dorel raises purchase price to go private


    Cerberus Capital Management has agreed to pay 10.3 percent more than previously planned to acquire control of Dorel Industries – whose assets include major bicycle brands such as Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, Caloi and IronHorse – following exchanges and discussion with shareholders holding more than 50 percent ...

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    Dorel to appeal decision on retrospective tax payment in Europe


    Montréal-based company Dorel Industries said it plans to appeal a decision that would force one of the company’s subsidiaries to pay €46.8 million in taxes plus interest in connection with the transfer of certain assets made in the context of an international corporate reorganization made in 2015. The ...

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    Outdoor industry stocks among the winners of 2020


    While the outdoor industry had a very difficult start of the year in 2020, when the pandemic forced Europe and America to adopt strict lockdowns, it bounced back significantly in the summer when restrictions were lifted, as people looked to escape crowds in the outdoors. The combined market capitalization of ...

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    Bike stocks 2020: Corona gives the bicycle industry a turbo boost


    Same same but different – 2020 has been a real rollercoaster. Not only for the world economy but for each individual: Corona set the course. 2020 saw the most extreme stock market movements ever. What it finally taught us above all: whether economic, trade or other wars, political crises or ...

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    Dorel delays vote on going private


    Montréal-based Dorel Industries has postponed a special shareholder meeting to vote on the sale of the company to Cerberus Capital Management to give itself more time to consider the terms of the deal. The meeting will be held on Feb. 16 instead of Jan. 12. A special committee ...