According to a study conducted by in collaboration with GfK and Swiss Post, online retail in Switzerland grew extraordinarily due to the Corona regulations, making a three-year leap in 2020. Swiss consumers purchased goods and merchandise online for CHF 13.1 billion (€11.82bn-$14.17bn), an increase of CHF 2.8 billion (€2.52bn-$3.03bn) or 27.2 percent year-on-year.

Furniture, sporting goods and food showed above-average growth. Online consumption within Switzerland increased by 32 percent in 2020, while online purchases from foreign suppliers increased by only 5 percent.

The big winner is, again, home electronics with a share of over CHF 3 billion (€2.71bn-$3.25bn). In 2020, 48 percent of home electronics were purchased online. Fashion/shoes follows in second place with CHF 2.5 billion (€2.26bn-$2.70bn) in online retail sales, although this segment has “only” grown by 15 percent. The food segment also grew strongly again in 2020, with CHF 1.5 billion (€1.35bn-$1.62bn) in online sales. In percentage, the biggest leaps were recorded in the furniture, sports, and DIY product categories.

The figures from Switzerland reflect the same increase observed in many other European countries. For Germany, for example, the German online and mail order association Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland e.V. (bevh) anticipates renewed growth in mail order and online retailing. The association forecasts revenue growth of 12.5 percent for online retailing of goods in 2021, with e-commerce of goods and services expected to exceed the €100 billion mark.