The management committee of European Nature & Outdoor Sports Network (ENOS) has set up a 12-member bureau chaired by François Beauchard, the French official who runs, CREPS, the very dynamic public body in the southeastern France that organized the 2011 Nature & Sport Euro'Meet convention in Annecy, France.

Beauchard will be assisted by a vice chairman, Edwin Jacob, from the German Sports School in Cologne. Mike McLure, a very active promoter of action sports at a governmental agency in Northern Ireland, has taken on the role of secretary of ENOS. He will also be in charge of the organization of the next Euro'Meet convention, which will be held next year in Newcastle, in Northern Ireland, close to the Mourne Mountains and the Strangford Lough.

ENOS is a network of government agencies and other stakeholders intended to develop and promote outdoor sports in Europe, supporting the organization and management of the related activities and encouraging transnational initiatives. It is also meant to assist initiatives that will promote responsible and sustainable access and use of natural landscapes, marine areas, habitats and eco-systems. It is encouraging any stakeholders, including commercial organizations of any size, to become members of the network for a fee varying from €100 to €500.

Close to 500 European representatives from 52 sports, environment, territorial development and tourism organizations participated in the subsequent session of the Euro'Meet convention, held at Liptovsky Mikulas, in Slovakia, last October, where they formally established the ENOS network, approving the related Charter, and elected its management committee.

Based on the work carried out at the last conference, ENOS' members from all over Europe have adopted several resolutions, making several recommendations to the European Commission and other public authorities for a better consideration of outdoor sports. A resolution on the promotion of health through everyday mobility and physical activity in the outdoors will be presented by ENOS to the Commission for funding in the framework of the Erasmus Plus program. It proposes, among other things, to promote outdoor sports and lifestyles at school.