The European Outdoor Conservation Association (Eoca) has unveiled the two projects which emerged as the winners from the members' vote, which closed on Nov. 9. The two winning projects are: Obsolete Facilities, France, nominated by Marmot; and Mending Paths and Protecting Arctic-Alpine Habitat on Carn Liath, Scotland, nominated by Montane. Eoca said that 40 members took part in the vote. The Association will be funding these projects, and will be providing regular updates of their unfolding and progress.

All the projects that ran for funding received some votes, Eoca said, showing the members' interest in a wide range of initiatives. However, eight projects are still left with no funds from the Association. The eight projects include: Restoration of Rare Natural Habitats, Ukraine; Engaging Society in Native Forests Restoration, Portugal; Restoration of Native Mediterranean Coastal Habitats for Climate Change, Spain; Fixing Eroded Paths and Restoring Vegetation on Cader Idris, Wales; Reforestation of the Indri Lemur Habitat and Development of an Amphibian Trail, Madagascar; Habitat Protection and Species Restoration, Tanzania; Keswick to Threlkeld Pathway, U.K.; and Indigenous-led Conservation through Eco-tourism and Reforestation, Peru.

Eoca invites its members to consider funding these projects in part or in full. The members that fund entire projects through Eoca are known as Summit Members, and the Association manages the project on their behalf.