Eoca for the second year running is holding an annual funding round, which is made possible by the growth in membership and sustaining members, and is inviting outdoor enthusiasts to help it select the projects to be funded. The organization said it will be spending a total of €280,000 this year on conservation. The public now has the opportunity to help Eoca choose how to spend €90,000 on three projects by voting from a shortlist on www.outdoorconservation.eu.

From the homepage, visitors have to click on the big green “Make a Difference” button to vote and can vote once in each of the three categories: Alpine, Outdoor and Nature. The project that gets the most votes in each category will receive the Eoca funding. The Eoca website is available in English and German versions. Votes can be posted online until noon on Oct. 19.

Eoca received 92 applications for funding from conservation organizations operating in 58 different countries during the month of July. The organization spent the summer evaluating the projects against its own funding criteria. Projects must conserve a threatened species and/or habitat, have a link to outdoor enthusiasts, engage the local community, have an educational element, and leave a positive legacy. Once the projects were scored and shortlisted, a panel of scientific advisers assessed the list. Eoca's scientific advisers are experts in different areas of conservation who voluntarily give their time to the association. The public vote will decide which projects will be selected from Eoca's shortlist for funding.