During 2016, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (Eoca) will be celebrating its achievements since it was formed, ten years ago. Celebrations will kick off at Ispo in Munich, the trade show on Jan 24-27, with the announcement of new members, an after-work get-together event, hosted by Eoca and Keen, and fundraising activities. At Ispo 2016 Eoca will have a brand new stand in the West Entrance.

Since the association was founded, Eoca's members have raised €1.8 million, which it has used to fund projects in 36 different countries around the world for the preservation of landscapes, habitats and local communities. Projects have ranged from maintaining trails to removing rubbish, replanting and protecting forests, restoring habitats and protecting endangered species such as tigers, red squirrels, snow leopards, orangutans, deer and birds of prey.

Eoca currently has 126 member companies from the European outdoor industry. The membership fees that the association collects on an annual basis are said to be entirely spent on conservation. In January Eoca has also welcomed two new members - Throne, a Swedish outdoor garment supplier, and WaterNlife, which specializes in personal, portable water filters. More money for conservation is raised through fundraising events held at Ispo and OutDoor each year. At Ispo 2016 the Scandinavian Outdoor Group will also be collecting donations for Eoca during its happy hour each evening, 17.00-18.00, at A2.224.