The European Outdoor Conservation Association (Eoca) has announced the projects that have been shortlisted for its spring 2017 funding round. Twice a year the organization receives applications from conservation organizations with projects that they would like to be considered for funding, and Eoca draws up a shortlist of projects, which later are subjected to public vote online. The shortlisted projects are divided into three categories, which include Outdoor, Nature and Alpine.

In the Outdoor category, the shortlist for the spring funding round includes: a project submitted by Asociatia pentru Conservarea Diversitatii Biologice to conserve and restore the aquatic habitats for otters in south-eastern Romania; a project by Paso Pacifico to restore the Paso del Istmo Corridor in Nicaragua for wildlife, and more specifically, the endangered Black-Handed Spider Monkey; a project by The Mahouts Elephant Foundation for a new eco-tourism in Thailand; a project by Third Millennium Alliance to establish a Conservation Corridor from the Jama-Coaque Reserve to the ocean in Ecuador; and a project by the African Marine Mammal Conservation Organisation to enhance the conservation status of aquatic megafauna - which includes cetaceans, manatees, sea turtles and sharks - in Cameroon.

In the Alpine category, the shortlist includes: a project by Mountain Wilderness France to help solve the problem of obsolete facilities that threaten the wilderness in France – such as barbed wire, ammunition and abandoned ski cables; a community-owned conservation initiative by the Creative Conservation Alliance to empower indigenous tribesmen in Bangladesh to be stewards of their endangered ecosystem, heritage and culture; a project by the Ecosystem Restoration Alliance for the restoration of two conservation priority areas in Mauritius, using species of plants preferred by bats, as their number has considerably decreased on the island; a project by Women Without Poverty for tree regeneration in Uganda; and finally a restoration project run by the Centre for Sustainability, a non-profit organization based in the Philippines, for Cleopatra's Needle on Palawan Island and for the creation of a signed trail to a popular cave and waterfalls, in order to keep visitors off fragile habitats and allow vegetation to be restored in eroded areas.

In the Nature category, the shortlisted initiatives include: a project by Yadesa Aceh for the restoration of mangrove in the Lam Guron area, in Indonesia; a project by Seacology to help preserve the status of protected marine area of Koldita Island in Chile; a project for elephant monitoring and anti-poaching in Tsavo, Kenya, proposed by Tsavo Conservation Group; a project to help restore the Dyke Plantation in Scotland, proposed by RSPB; and finally, a project proposed by A Rocha Ghana to restore the ecological integrity of the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar (MPRS) coastal protected wetland site in Ghana.

The public will have a chance to vote for these projects online in March. The three winning projects, in the three categories, will receive Eoca funding as a result of the vote.